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Guitar Musicianship

Electric Guitar Series
Acoustic Guitar Series
Classical Guitar Series
Bass Guitar Series
Guitar Musicianship was founded in 2010 with an objective of developing the highest standards in training guitarist of all levels and styles to become better musicians and also to validate this training through a comprehensive examination program.
Guitar Musicianship candidates and teachers will welcome this comprehensive program providing materials and information required for attaining the highest level of musicianship and performance.

Guitar Musicianship Handbooks & Requirements: 
GM-Exam Requirements:
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Classical Guitar
Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Classical Guitar
Bass Guitar
GM-Online Exams:
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Classical Guitar
Bass Guitar


About the Author:
Frank Bliven has over 30 years
teaching experience in all areas
of guitar performance. He holds
degrees in guitar from the San
Francisco Conservatory of
Music and Western Washington
University and has headed and
developed guitar programs for
Western Washington University
and Southern Illinois University.
He has been active as an adjudicator
for music festivals and has given
performances, master classes and
workshops throughout the U.S. and
Canada. Frank Bliven currently
teaches electric and acoustic guitar,
classical guitar and electric bass
guitar privately in Kamloops, B.C.

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