Early Guitar Anthology

Early Guitar Anthology
Vol. I: The Renaissance
Vol. II:The Early Baroque
Vol. III: The Late Baroque

Volume III: The Middle and Late Baroque c.1630-1750

The transcriptions in this third volume span the Middle Baroque (c.1630-1670) and Late Baroque (c.1670-1750) periods. During the decade of the 1630’s a new, ‘integrated’ style of performance and notation evolved in which the Renaissance plucking technique and the Early Baroque strumming technique were combined. Composers favored dance music (often grouped together in suites) and produced many large-scale, elaborate variations built on ground bass progressions as well. The instrument rode a wave of popularity during the seventeenth century, fueled by the interest of powerful European monarchs like Louis XIV of France; and then fell into declined in the first half of the eighteenth century as publications waned and tastes changed. Please email me at
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